5 Safe Steps to Travel During the Covid-19 Pandemic


We will give you 5 gratuities on safe ways to travel during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Let’s see again, let’s follow the evidence, check it out, the first step you should do when traveling is first.

Make sure you on healthy mode before start traveling. We all know that Covid-1 9 is easy to spread, in particular through droplets, coughings, sneezing, physical contact so when you feel unwell.

For example have cough, sneezing, headaches, fever, you should postpone go and make sure to take a multivitamin.

For example Vitamin C before you start traveling to increase your immune method The second gradation safe advancing during pandemic, delight pay attention, don’t forget to prepare personal protective equipment or PPE while you are traveling.

Here I recommend 2 PPE implements that I often use while traveling mask and face shield mask that I use is a medical kind mask.

Why medical mask? Because this medical disguise is able to withstand the entry of the corona virus into our torsoes.

Don’t utilization it upside down, guys.

The dark-green constituent is facing out while the grey one faces inward to our mas.

The part with the wire here is for the snout. Use the correct disguise.

It needs to include the snout and mouth. I will give you an example, guys.

Next, we wear a face shield. The faceshield affair here is to hold back droplets or sprinkles( saliva) from other travelers when we are traveling to the droplets do not enter the eyes or directly stumbled the body along the face domain.

The safe third step when traveling that is, we appreciate I bringing a sanitizer, this hand sanitizer is safe for you to take anywhere.

Just take it simple and big. Here’s how to do it ok Don’t forget to rub it in. We can travel, we can walk around without any problem.

Hello people , now me and adel are already inside a trip to one of the shopping center in Bali Yes ..

We want to buy basic demands there Gives us continue.

The fourth step so that you are safe while traveling is.

Don’t forget to wash your hands Especially after physical contact, shake hands, harbouring money before feeing, after going to the toilet.

After holding characters specific body here I recommend the 9 gradations of mitt cleaning according to WHO First is to wash mitts with spray Then apply fairly soap Rub the palms, wipe between digits Rub the back of the pas, chafe the digit Rub the fingertips Then bathe again with water and dry What’s the purpose?

Here the pass are the place for germs We often interact with entrusts So we have to be diligent in cleansing our hands, one of the steps is to wash handwritings with soap.

Is moving forward, the method is the fourth step for your safety while traveling is to wash your hands wherever you are being especially after physical contact with another traveler, deeming fund, to be completed of the lavatory.

I would give you an example ok chaps we’re back from traveling, the fifth gradation we do?

Is taking a shower and changing all your drapes after you advance.

It’s time we want to be nifty, we want to change our clothes, we’ve been jaunt, we’ve been trip.

Don’t forget DNA friends, don’t forget to keep clean, abide hygienic and stand safe.