Submit Your Opinions and News is also very active in supporting citizen journalism, as space for the community to participate together actively in the activities of conveying information and news. The public should not only be consumers or readers of information but on the community becomes part of the information maker. features two rubric categories to support citizen journalism. Namely Opinion and Reader Letters

Opinions contain thoughts or narratives of the community or writers as outlined in the writing, which highlights an event or certain things.

While the Reader Letter is an article written by the public that contains a story like news in a newspaper. Where the article contains what is happening around you. For example, Fires, floods and other events and the author sent them to us.

In the Reader Letter, you will endeavor to provide a picture of the event or news that you wrote. This image / photo is your own, or the property of people but without copyright.

Writing Requirements:
  • The results of their own written work
  • Attach the author’s photo in the opinion
  • Attach the name and profession or academy title in the article
  • Attach a photo of the event to the Reader’s Letter
  • Send pictures/photos and scripts separately
  • It is written neatly in English and is not the result of translation
  • The articles we publish will be valued at the US $ 1.
  • Send to email:
Disclaimer: Opinions and Letters of Readers are the responsibility of the author.