hills and valleys theory
hills & valleys

Hills and Valleys Theory on Business

There are so many theories in business, one of which is Hills and Valleys.

When we start any business, of course it does not always run smoothly. Even though we have participated in various training, seminars, workshops and many pieces of training, but it didn’t have a positive impact on our business. Then what is all the training for?

This Yippee Curve is a time where we learn, take lots of training, read books, multiply the tools for our business and test them all into our business at the beginning.

The curve looks ascending because it’s a picture of our spirit …
“Oh no! Drop …” We see, that after we try everything we learn does not lead us to success. What we see is a picture of our business falling …

At this time we will select the people around us, anyone who is willing to help and motivate when we will fall. Some of our friends will also leave us when they know we will fall. This is the time to choose friends in business.

Pit Bounce This is our time to write down our goals again. Re-establishing our motivation and deciding to continue to soar higher …

“Oh, I see climb …” We begin to see the steps of the steep cliff up. Our business is at its peak. Our job is to climb the cliff, even if it is steep we must be strong.

This is where we begin to understand mistakes that have never been taught in training classes, in seminar classes. When we know, document it all in the business trip notes.

We have passed all the summit rewards. A long journey down the valley and climbing the cliff has been done. This is the time we enjoy it all with results and appreciation. Our time to be the part that teaches successful things for beginners …

“After understanding the Hills and Valleys theory, by the way, where are you at right now …?