measure of success

How to the measure of success?

Here are some success stories from several people with different professions. They have success standards in different ways. And the measure of success is not just wealth.


A former runner who displays so many of his medals. He placed it on the wall of the boarding house he rented. Some people who know say: “Athletes are famous but not even a house …!” But for him, all the medals he received were a measure of success.


In a different place, there is also a man who displays dozens of seminar certificates in his home with picture frames. Some people who know say: “Participating in a seminar, how come just to get a certificate and then put it on display …?!”

Everyone has different needs and perspectives on achieving success. Some choose the path of “Award” as a form of success achieved.

Until sometimes the amount of wealth is not important for them. Proof of success for them is a sign of achievement, either in the form of medals, trophies, or certificates.


There are also motivators who have to buy luxury cars to simply show their self-success. According to him how could he talk about material success on stage, while people do not see signs of success in themselves?

Well, this motivator makes wealth a measure of success. So everything around him is measured by wealth, such as suits, houses, vehicles, jewelry, etc.


A friend who has not met for a long time comes home. He told me that his business was successful. In fact, now he has collaborated with several foreign investors.

Being a big entrepreneur is the biggest success for him. All companies are well managed and growing rapidly, but he doesn’t want to own a car and luxury home.

The growth of the company was enough for him, he didn’t want a luxurious lifestyle.


A doctor who has 5 large hospitals, but himself prefers to live in a small house while opening a practice in that house and receiving patients around the house who want to seek treatment.

For him, success is when he can continue to devote himself to the environment and many people. The activity of examining and treating patients will continue until the end of their lives.

Once when he gave a speech at his hospital anniversary, he was so nervous because he didn’t understand at all about public speaking.

But for him it was no problem, after all in fact he was successful in building his hospital business up to 5 branches.

These are all examples of many professions that illustrate how to see success. Success is not just money or wealth, but success is an achievement.

So, what is the measure of success for you …?