Professional people

Become a Professional

Professional people will always do everything seriously wherever they work, whether it’s for someone else’s company or his own company.

A General Manager of a pharmaceutical company said that he himself wanted to submit a resign from his company. He wanted to go back to the village and wanted to make a library in his village. Even though his career at the company was good.

In a different place, there is a Sales Manager of a health equipment company who recently took a noodle-making course.

He said if he wanted to resign from his current company and then wanted to sell chicken noodles, from the noodles that he made himself. Even though his career at the company is also on the rise.

These people have become leaders in the company. With good facilities, salary and benefits are also satisfying.

But they decided to resign and then choose another path that was not in line with his profession while working in a company.

Some say if we are stuck in a business, or a career in a company that never gets promoted, it’s a sign that our passion isn’t there.

But what about these people …? They succeeded in their company, but why did they choose a different business in the end?

This is actually a matter of sincerity …
These people are so earnest to magnify whatever they do.

They worked as employees in the company, so the company came forward and they got promoted. They are so trustworthy to become employees and professionals in positions that are compared.

The problem is they want to deal with other businesses that are not in line, it’s just a matter of heart choice actually. There are a tendency and its own interest to open a library or chicken noodle shop.

But the most important of all is professionalism. Wherever we are, then work professionally, which means work earnestly.

Precisely when we are still working as employees, we can practice our sincerity and our professionalism. Work above the average of other employees with high enthusiasm and motivation.

If this is often practiced, then when you decide to resign and start a new business, you will be able to repeat the successes of others in your business.

Professional people are not born just like that. They form strong personalities with long training and a supportive environment.