6 benefits of Dates, Good Consumed during the Fasting Month


The benefits of dates are proven to be numerous. The use of dates has become a common thing in society, even since the time of the Prophet.

The benefits of dates which are very numerous make dates a type of food that must be present in every home, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Dates are a type of fruit originating from the Middle East. Dates are usually synonymous with the fasting month of Ramadan.

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This is because the benefits of dates are good if consumed during the fasting month. The benefits of dates can be felt when consumed when breaking the fast and at dawn.

The benefits of dates are not only felt when consuming them while fasting. Because the dates do have many health benefits. Benefits of dates for health because there are vitamins, iron, and calcium needed by the body when.

Then, what are the benefits of dates, and why is it good to consume them during the fasting month? Below has summarized the various benefits of dates that can be obtained if you consume during the fasting month.

1. Reducing thirst

Usually dates are used as food for breaking the fast. But the benefits of dates can also be obtained if you consume them at dawn.

The mineral content of dates that is high enough can help you to not feel thirsty quickly during a day of fasting.

Usually when the dawn is recommended to consume 3 dates, as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad.

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2. Reducing hunger

The benefit of dates is to reduce hunger. The fiber content of dates, and the high sugar content of dates, can make you feel full faster.

And if the dates are consumed when breaking the fast as takjil, it will be good for you in reducing excess calorie intake when breaking the fast.

And when consumed at dawn, dates that have a slow release of glucose content, both as a reserve of energy when going to run fast.

But still do not overdo it when consuming it, just 3 so that your body does not have too much sugar.

3. Quickly restore energy

When you break your fast, you are advised to eat foods that are easily digested first.

Dates are a recommended food choice for digestion. Because the dates contain a lot of nutrients that are quickly digested by the body, and it will be very good if consumed when breaking the fast.

Because our body will usually lose energy, and requires calorie intake as energy fuel that is quickly absorbed by the body.

4. Maintain digestion

Another benefit of dates as mentioned in the previous point is the content of dates which turned out to have very high fiber.

High fiber content will be very good for the digestive tract, especially if you often experience constipation.

Besides, as in the second point, it is explained that dates can reduce hunger. Of course, because dates have high fiber like vegetables, where vegetables can make you feel full longer.

And if you are on a diet, then this fruit can help you in reducing your appetite when breaking the fast, because surely you will feel full when eating at least 3 dates.

5. Preparing digestion when breaking

With the various benefits of dates for digestion above, dates will also be good if you consume just before consuming heavy food.

Because dates can help your stomach so it’s not shocked. This shocked stomach is due to the condition of an empty stomach during fasting.

Usually, if people who do have a history of stomach disease, when breaking the fast by eating heavy food directly, it will be very dangerous, because it can increase stomach acid and make stomach pain.

So it would be nice if before consuming heavy food you can start by eating dates first.

6. Backup energy sources

At the time of fasting, our bodies usually tend to lack nutritional intake. This is because there is a change in diet that you usually eat food 3-4 times a day, and at fasting you can only eat at dawn and break.

Of course with a lot of activities that cause your body to take a variety of nutrients in your body.

Then, eating dates can be a solution. Because if you regularly consume dates when dawn and break the fast.

The glucose content in dates can provide enough calories as a source of additional energy fuel for the body.

This energy will be very useful for you to undergo a day of activities.

Well, with a variety of benefits of dates above hopefully can help you in carrying out fasting, and also help you from the condition of the body that is less enthusiastic when running fasting. It may be useful.